Digital Command Control (DCC)

I have provided a number of Digitrax throttles to members of the HOtrak club members. In order to help perserve battery life I have installed a small switch that increases time between battery changes.

Here is how I install the switch in the throttle.

Tools required to install the mini switch

The hole cut in the case to accept the switch

The orange cut and soldered to the switch. (note one leg of the switch is cut off as it is not needed)

The finished product

I also do decoder installs, here is an example of one.

Installing a sound decoder in an Atlas C424

The stock C424 with original board

Removing the original board

Modify the weight to allow installation of the speaker

The speaker installed

Installing a sound decoder in an Atlas GP38

The weight modifications to allow installation of the speaker

Close-up of the speaker installation

the speaker and weight installed on the locomotive

The finished product

An Athearn SD70 with a NCE D13SR decoder installed. This decoder has 3 functions to allow for the ditchlights

The decoder installed in the locomotive

Operating ditch lights

Overland brass model of a "Pointe St. Charles" caboose with a TCS FL1 decoder installed to operate the lights.